All Good Things, Part 2

Scott Thompson & Nat Spadez, courtesy of David Bukach Photography

After intermission the festival ensemble took to the stage and performed a series of pieces that were by and large composed that day.  Nat Spadez & Scott Thompson played around with the idea of an attack by unicycle riding space monkeys eating all our boombastica, PrufRock, Jai’aquarian and Jeremy Loveday performed a beatbox piece that I believe was called “Meanwhile” and Shannon Rayne read one of her older pieces about preferring shy men to their more self-assured counterparts, a poem originally published in Quills magazine.  She was joined by Jai’aquarian as the lothario and Scott Thompson as the trembling romantic.

By this point in the festival the performers had obviously developed a bond and they seemed more comfortable in each other’s presence.  Because of this, “On the Edge” was the perfect way to end the festival – a joint effort that showcased each performers strength’s and put them to work on conquering their weaknesses.  Not all of the pieces were total successes but if something this good can be put together in 8 hours then I suggest we hand the reins of the world over to artists for a week.  Let’s see what they come up with.

A big thank you to the festival’s volunteer photographer, the very gifted David Bukach, of David Bukach Photography, for letting me use his shots at the top of my posts.  They beat the holy hell out of pictures from my iPhone.  I encourage you to check out the rest of his shots from the festival:

Thursday:  Tongues of Fire
Friday:  Awesome Shit Showcase
Saturday:  On the Edge

There is an undeniable appeal to this art.  The emotions on display can be any number of things:  messy, outrageous, frustrating and provocative but, more than anything, they are unmistakably real.  As history cycles around into another era where spectacle is worshiped and sincerity is met with derision, this is a rare thing, and a treat.  So the first Victoria Spoken Word Festival ends, as must all good things, but it’s not all bad news – with the first behind us we may now look, hopefully, towards the second.

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